3 Satellite Idea's

I noticed that there are only 4 satellites in CIU, so I came up with 3 new satellites (if someone has already come up with an idea for such satellites, write to us)

satellite number 1 - Turbo Speaker

  • chickens that are hit by the sound wave will be slowed down by 30-40% and lose 10-20% of their lives
  • the longer you hold it, the bigger the sound wave

satellite number 2 - Dublicater

  • Publishes your weapon and fires 20-30% projectiles or power (e.g. laser)

satellite number 3 - Mini egg cannon

  • shoots 3-5 eggs, which will be divided into 6-8 parts after hitting an obstacle or the end of the screen

Very Gud…

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I like the Duplicator. Imagine how you can clear almost the hole screen if you have 4 satellites and Absolver Beam. Just with a single shot. Also it will be very helpful if your primary weapon overheats.


Must admit that this idea is great

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Nice idea you got. By the way scientifically and theoretically, Turbo Speaker is useless because in outer space, there is no air meaning no sound (still great name though). I suggest calling it Shockwave Speaker or Descendant of Humanity’s Greatest Fan (DHGF for short)

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We already have sound in space in the game. Clearly, luminiferous aether is the only possible explanation.


Source: Fandom


Fair mention that fandom is written by players and can’t be used as 100% reliable source. The fact that space doesn’t have anything to transmit the wave doesn’t prevent Star Wars, Star Trek and literally any space movie/game from making loud explosions.


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