3 coins secret off topic

Let’s see sometimes in UO and CODS they Occasionally once any kind of Chicken/UFO Chicken/UFO Chick is killed 3 coins appear. That 3 coins are very important to obbtain the Green cross medal…especially in CODS
My question how to obbtain that 3 coins???Sometimes appear sometime not…
I think that It depends of the weapon that you use and the damage!
Anyone knows a metod to make spawn that 3 coins easly!

I believe it’s random chance, just like food and powerup drops.

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I Just waiting for your opinion Emerald I don’t know and I don’t think so…
you see when you use the special space ninja and the ion Blaster there’s a major chance to spawn the 3 coins

Might be just a coincidence.

Personally,I didn’t notice that to be the case

Well I’m a bit late with this but anyway.

If the coin drops work the same way as they did in Revenge of the Yolk then there is no correlation between the weapon you use / the paintjob you use / anything else you do because the coin drop is probably assigned to the chicken the moment it’s spawned (in RotY it’s indicated by the chicken wearing a checkered shirt).

I’d assume they do. Otherwise, I have no idea (and I also haven’t noticed anything that would increase the coin drop rate).

yes but also I think that the checkered chicken also appear with a speciffic damage

I highly doubt it. It’s just random,imo.