2x multiply

If you are boring to get 20 or key or food
Here something it will be better 2X multiply
Is easy as you can reach much of food keys score

Let me trying
I shoot on little chicken and score was 500
Let me trying
Score 500 X 2 = 1000
And food was one when you eat it
Let me trying
1 X 2 = 2 food
And firepower was one again
Let me trying
1 X 2 = double power
And key was one
Let me trying
1 X 2 = double keys

And it’s so easy but I think it will 643 price
Not like stackable it’s look like show how did you kill chickens and others
In early access 29

Thank you guys :ok_hand::wink:

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First off: correct your spelling, for me it’s almost impossible to read.
Second: use punctuation, please.
Third: don’t say: Oh, PleAse InteRActioN StuDios, PleAsE aDd ThIs, it meakes you look unprofessional and it’s quite annoying.


No please no

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What? Did I offend you? I’m trying to help you improve.

I know but I don’t want fight I love you u look my friends

Straight multipliërs for ſcore are a bad idea becauſe they’ll force anyöne doïng the competitions to uſe them while not changing anything elſe.
Key multipliërs really aren’t that intereſting. I mean, all you have to do is decide before a miſſion whether they’ll be worth the price.
Doubling the firepower would be nice but you hit the same problem as for the ſcore, and it’s a bit OP.
As for the food, it’s the ſame deal as with the keys, ſince food is ſold for keys at a ſemi-conſtant price.


The weapon power level and score multiplier shouldn’t be changed, especially a mountable one use item. It ruin the competition of the game.

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It’s kinda late to tell you, but I think I speak for everyone when I say: “Don’t overreact”. We apprecciate your effort to improve from your precedent behavior, but over reacting just becomes annoying in it’s own way. The last bit is a personal opinion, but it may be shared by a substantial amount of people so. Thank you for understanding.

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