2122 April Fools (realtime is 2022)

So, what’s i’m thinking now is the events of the year. The most thing that i care is the April Fools. Well, there’s something i’d suggest:

  • First is the upside down spacecrafts and chickens.
  • Second is the something like… the HUD shows only 4 (e.g: points is 4,444,444,444 but actually 1,234,567,890).
  • The third one is the medal, gained by flying 444 waves OR 44 missions in april fools. That’s your choice, i don’t mean anything.

Well, that’s my suggestion. Do or not is all about your words. i hope this will approved


weapons should be flipped too for extra confusion


noice, but its only for a day, so could be 14 missions?

yes, it could.

The title is already a joke lol

I already have my prank Idea

i have an idea:
every shop is closed (every)
missions are 0 %
space ship is the ci3 shield

Is there will be April Fools version of CIU?

I have an Idea
All the Items in the galactic store are 9999999999999999999999999 Keys

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or else keys are multiplied or divided

so, do you mean skills are not working?

i think upside down spaceships is more confusing

oh well, i have another idea:

  • chicken food shape is “4”, hamburger food shape is “four”
  • the environments effects is converted (e.g: hot but the effect is frozen)
  • the music is no more from ciu, use bgm in the prev. versions
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April fools 2122: Chicken Invaders Universe (DOS Version)


April Fools updates should not affect gameplay in an adverse way. Every change that could annoy should be optional. This is what Minecraft developers do.

a special setting which turns every chicken into (something)

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:new: Added “Looped sounds mode”. Every sound loops. Forever.

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Even music?

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This should be in ironman

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It is better to joke about any color. So we can price the ships 999999999999999
do !

nah i’d prefer 142022 waves in a mission

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How about Ironman endless waves

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static color space, badly drawn logo



maybe,… keep?
cuz this is a serious competition