2 special weopens idea

  1. Its a fireball i named it overtaker bruh kinda weird it makes the enemy freeze for 7 secs and you can if you use it you can shoot it from everywhere it goes to enemy for it self do anything with the enemy much useful for boss rush and dt missions
    2.this one is snow ball i named it cold beam
    it will be shoot as i told in 1st idea and it makes enemy movement slow for 7 secs
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7 seconds are much, what about 4.5?

Correct the spellling of the topic btw

Fireball can freeze the enemies. Wow, nice logic :skull: :fire:


snowballs can burn the enemies


Poisonous ball can heal enemies.


can i get a translator

incoherent af

is the freezing a potion effect considering it’s a fireball

so it’s basically a hypnotized chiller

the second weapon isn’t as distinct as the fireball


Ok ok bad idea pls dont reply i want ia close this

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Instead of asking iA to close, why don’t you delete it?

IIRC, you can only delete your own topics if they are less than 5 minutes old.

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Oof, i forgot that.

no offense but why do I keep seeing you creating random ideas lol

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:unamused: random… i just stopped creating ideas that everyone hate it for a month but still everyone thought i just craeted 100 topics that all are ideas :rage:

put some effots on it instead of creating a topic about some ideas and claim it as “Popped up” or “randomly in my mind”.

:expressionless: you already told this much times but please just dont try to make bad of me and my ideas

Don’t feel bad. You can give better ideas but provide some details in your topic.

Healing ball can poison enemies

This is easier said than done apparently.


no one hates your ideas, they’re just a bit random sometimes, and also remember, not every idea will make it into the game.

maybe think of what idea that would make the game better? you could also try creating concept images to show how your ideas work


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