2 New Booster

I present 2 boosters that can improve your weapons.
Let me say they don’t make you shoot faster.
They only work when you kill enough chickens.


When your Power bar is full or is filling, you can temporarily boost your weapon up to 3 levels higher.

For people flying BX, when they have weapons lvl 17-18, they can unlock more powerful weapons that were present in the previous parts of the game.

  1. Super Weapon

You can use this booster only after the power bar is full.

When you activate it, a special power will be unleashed for each weapon you have.

Unfortunately, some weapons do not work with this booster because:

1.I have no idea for other weapons (unless I think of something to add it).
2. some weapons like the positron are already powerful enough.

Here are the powers that I have invented at the moment:

Absolver Beam

recharges 2x faster

Corn Shotgun

His projectiles are now much larger, but he fires slightly fewer bullets and fires a little slower.

Ion Blaster

Missiles are burning. When you shoot a chicken, it loses 10% of its HP

Laser Cannon

Fires 1 laser stick 5 times straight ahead at a very fast rate. (faster than using the accumulator)

Lightning Fryer

Lightning turns purple and if you hit a chicken with it, it will conduct electricity to the nearest chicken.
A maximum of one lightning bolt can strike five chickens.
Here is a small graph of the damage taken by chickens. (also depends on the difficulty level, in this case it’s normal mode).

Photon Swarm

They take the form of fireworks for a while.
if the firework hits the chicken, a small shock wave is reflected around it which takes 5-10% of the HP from the chicken.

Plasma Rifle

Such a weapon does not have time to charge a more powerful attack.
From Razu it takes the strongest form.


You are now equipped with 2 rifles.

Utensil Poker

One missile can already kill a couple of chickens, and if it hits the another one, it will lose significantly more HP.

Vulcan Chaingun

The missiles fly alternately from left to right and from right to left all the time until you run out of power (from the booster of course)
I will add that sending single missiles extends time this skill.


i wish that super weapon came


It acts like Bullet Spray Expander.


Why this one works exactly like a bullet expander?

ok i forgot that this thing even exists because i never use it. I’m already making corrections

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Both sound good, but I want to see the Reinforcement one!

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The second idea is severely unbalanced. Corn shotgun literally nerfs your dps, but then Riddler has it doubled. The first idea doesn’t seem very useful.


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