2 ideas about Darkness

  1. Flashlight: I know that this idea was suggested, but I improved it a bit. The new Hardpoint or flashlight (as you can guess) lights the way during the mission. Upgrades change the width of the flashlight.
  2. This is a smaller idea, but I’m wondering if Laser Scope shouldn’t be over darkness.
    (Yes, I know that my Laser Scope is too short.) :smile:

I just leave a mark


He said he knows it was already suggested, read carefully.

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hmm idk because you can can see laser in darkness ( irl you can see it in darkness).

flashlight could be use useful (but i would not use it because it would ruin the fun)


aren’t hardpoints supposed to be cosmetic only


well flashlight is


Useful in more difficult missions, but instead of the width of the flashlight its length can also be improved.

Interesting, but maybe in lower levels of difficulty there will be a larger field of view?

What about making darkness recover the area slower in lower difficulty missions


I would rather see flashlights be a mountable (like, equipment) instead of a hardpoint, because they are a gameplay feature rather than a customizable aesthetic.

But it would be nice to see in some capacity, because currently Darkness mission are just awful and there’s no reason to play them.


…except for the greater difficulty.

Why does everyöne ſeem to think that the only reaſon to fly miſſions is to earn keys?

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It’s not - otherwise, the game would be boring once you buy everything. If you only enjoy the game because you like earning more money, go play a clicker game or something.

But the keys you are rewarded should be proportional to the difficulty of the mission. There isn’t much incentive to playing a darkness mission, and frankly (unlike say, SSH) they’re not much fun either.

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This is debatable, but more importantly:

I think that the keys ſhould go up with difficulty, but not enough to make it financially viable to fly unſurvivable (for you) miſſions. I think that’s part of why ſo many people fly hard miſſions on SSH while complaining that they’re too difficult/unfair.

Maybe darkneſs miſſions ſhould have a ſlightly higher key multipliër; meanwhile, the multipliërs for harder miſſions ſhould go down in my opiniön.


I do agree with this in general. It’s a really fine balance between making it worth your time without making it so rewarding that it’s better to fail a hard mission than win an easy one.

Maybe making the difficulty multiplier only come into effect upon victory, but given how many people complain currently, I’m not convinced that any perfect solution exists to this problem.

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I’m planning on making a full and highly controverſial ſuggeſtion called the Skill Level Rework Programme. It’ll probably roll out tonight.

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I can already tell that this will increase the overall difficulty of the game… Still though, I’ll be waiting to see your tweaks and see if they’re good…


Only for thoſe who chooſe to mount more difficult skill levels. :grin: :grin: :grin:
Granted, this is aſſuming that my ideas are actuälly implemented.

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