2 Collision Bugs?

Recently I was noticing a lot of collisions bugs (but unfortunately I forgot some)
Bug 1 :
spaceship get destroyed inside red laser-circle attack of henperor’s apprentice . I didn’t touched laser or part of this chicken.

Bug 2 :
moron railgun always collides like this :
But sometimes it collides like this :

same case with boron railgun , but i have no screenshot of that.

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That’s because the collision circle is a circle, not an outline. Even if this was fixed you’d die right after the ring collapses.

Fast moving projectiles sometimes get visual issues when colliding with something. Boron/Moron/Hypergun fall under that category. You see by the flare that it actually collided correctly.


You are right . what about If some Boron/Moron railgun’s speed is kinda decreased ?

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not worth it nerfing weapons just to fix a visual bug

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