1st ranks in missions

MISSION CODE NAME : hard steepness
TYPE OF THE MISSION : chicken invasion

MISSION CODE NAME : sandy broil
TYPE OF THE MISSION : chicken invasion
post mission that in the ranking you are in first place like these :point_up_2:


mission code name : ajar proprietress
type of mission : feather fields

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If you post your 1st place here, your first ranking will literally be deleted next 12 hours after you post so don’t if you want to hold your crown.


.__ .

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No. I refuse.

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name of mission is Bad Protection


I’m yoinking this, thanks



For now, I’m the best here. I’ll aim to grab for Possitive Ganache as my flagship mission because is a pretty one also there are a lot of optimizations to make and one of them is to run at HS instead of Veteran

Any big scores around these weeks?

For proficient CIU players: What bullshit missions

Not gonna lie, it took a lot of time and effort to get the 1st place. I mean, look at the mission duration and difficulty. Truly inhumane.


Still a 1st place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Why not make this also a topic for Constellation(s) speedrun’s based on in-game time after-mission results (To be more fair with everyone despite having potato PCs and people that didn’t invested on specific things or doesn’t use wormholes) with specifics like difficulty; ship type; medals like SBTCM, Outstanding “One Man Army”, “Iceman” Coolness Award, all the already mentioned together or similar things? If this is too big of an idea, I could make a new forum thread for it to keep this one safe of spam but I guess that speedruns could lead to top-scores too


you just said big score so with out medal’s points and difficulty can’t be reached very easy
and please make the speed run topic yourself

hahaha you think i am stupid ?
you bumped this topic early
after 9 days
so what’s problem with you?

and also why you are saying your idea to me ?
do it by yourself
tell your idea to IA

Alright, but it should be started accordingly, so I’m going to make some effort into my first commitment

Early, definitively my bad

On it :upside_down_face:

Welp, time to scrub some rookie missions for my account.