18:9 aspect ratio resolutions and more music slot

I think CIU need support 18:9 aspect ratio resolutions (mobile screen trend lol) and increase music slot to 3.


Yes, I definitely think that it ſhould be poſſible to ſelect multiple tracks of muſic. I don’t know about mobile aſpect ratios, but if it’s only for mobile, it would only be neceſſary to provide 18:9 in lower ſcreen reſolutions.

Alſo, you do know that 18:9 is 2:1, right?

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Uhh, I don’t know 18:9 is 2:1

With ratios you can juſt divide/multiply both (or all if it’s ſomething like 4:3:5) ſides by the ſame number and the ratio ſtays the ſame, juſt like with fractions. Baſically the aſpect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height, ſo if it’s 4:3, it means that for every 4 pixels of width there are 3 pixels of height; thus, the ſcreen is ¾ as high as it is wide.
Note that you have to multiply everything by the ſame number: 4:3 ≠ 16:9, however 2:3 = 6:9.

I have a link to an explanation that someone has as to why people say 18:9 and not1:2 :

Very intereſting. Thanks for ſharing!