105.1 Bug I guess

I don’t know if anyone already know about this
So a bug when you get firepower like 10+10, the symbol looks like duplicated
However, dying will fix it back
I played with Müller ship, idk if other spacecraft got same thing like this
I noticed this when playing space race, and I tried to play any mission to see if this bug presents in other game mode, and it did

Edit: Cockerel, Starling, and all BX got same issue too

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is not bug game

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i know about power limit, but
Screenshot (253)
This is what i mean

i think is your screenshot

Read the changelog whenever the game update please but I do admit that max firepower icon is weird

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Further, the screen at the bottom and the top where all the indicators are is all messed up…

I know, sorry for that

This is intended, although I agree it’s not the best-looking icon. I’ve changed in it v.106 :medal_sports: Idea

This is because HUD opacity has been set to zero.


There are faults that need to be fixed

all mistakes should be avoided

It ain’t

if I think it’s a bug or something

It is.

You’re referring to this bug: Early Access version 105 - #18 by iIfireIi . This bug only affects the bottom HUD.

Since @louhaven also mentions the “top” of the HUD in their bug, I assumed they meant the lack of a backdrop.


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