100x50 extra life

We are know about ours life it’s 50X10 10 heart 50 price

Now it’s time to be better game
price 100 health 50

I don’t want fight I love this people and interaction studio :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

Actually, it was suggested to have variable amounts of consumables purchasable at a time, instead of packs, but ok.

Thank you

Reprice it, though, there’s something very wrong with the pricing. Remember to make it actually cheaper to purchase a bigger pack than several small packs.

But 50 lives for 100 keys is cheaper than 10 lives for 50 keys…unless I missunderstood something?


wow you need to use these instead

Yes, but 2 keys for a live?! That’s OP, straight up.


I saw all your recent topics @Max. Looks like your #ideas are only trying to make to game easier.
Don’t you?

I don’t have anything wrong with making the game easier. But, these types of ideas need to have a progression system, not buff straight up.

?/?/? Sorry, I don’t understand

For example, in my flotilla idea, i made an exchange system: exp for bonuses, so you have to play the game for some time to get boosts in various things. A thing like that. Also it was optional, so it doesn’t ruin the experience for skilled players by changing core things.

Again, I don’t understand because I didn’t learn much English in my age

I’m saying: don’t give things that make the game easier so… easily. And make them optional, preferably.

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That’s what “touriſt” is for.

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I meant in other ways, but still, you’re right.

Ehmmm. Looks like @Max just don’t want this game to be hard or indermate. Max be like:“It’s need to be very easy-peasy! This game is very hard!” lool sorry if this offended you

Was this neccesary?


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