1-per-mission Medals as Score Multipliers

Here’s a scenario: Let’s say that you went through an entire 40-wave mission on Superstar Hero completely unprepared, and only got 50,000 points, which is like 0.5% of the score gain in the mission if you got, let’s say, 10,000,000 points in-mission. Seems a bit undervalued compared to the extra trouble you went through to get it and skill you had to display to not do the die, right?

Yet, if you farmed a short 5-wave mission, you’d get the same amount of points for the medal as if you just did a 40-wave mission, despite needing to be able to not screw up for a far longer period of time.

Some medals that are awarded once per mission seem a bit underweighted for scoring considering their difficulty, yet simply increasing the score values can make them too overweighted for shorter missions, which makes me think: What if those once-per-mission medals just acted as another score multiplier? It doesn’t need to be an absolute-multiplicative bonus if that’s too powerful, but just something that scales upwards based on how many points you got in the mission in the first place, because not dying to 5 waves of chickens =/= not dying to 40 waves of chickens.

I propose these percentage values using additively-stacking multiplication, meaning that it can stack with a 100% difficulty bonus like this: base% + (100%+25%) = 225%, and not like this: base% + (100% x 1.25) = 250%, because the latter formula can cause very high score inflation. Proposed medals would also stack additively with each other (20%+10%=30%) for the same reason. Idk what exactly is fair in terms of scoring in the eyes of the community, so these probably would need tweaking, which is to be expected.

Extreme Unpreparedness: +10% scoring (less than Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time because you will always get that medal along with this anyway, the only difference is that you can’t have consumables or coolant.)
Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time: +20% scoring
Superior Budget Thriftiness Commendation: +10% scoring
Outstanding “One Man Army”: +10% scoring
“Iceman” Coolness: +5% scoring (Low because this can be awarded simply by not shooting when you hear the beep.)


This is gonna turn the tables for weekly challenges, thank you ^^


I think something to this effect has been suggested before, but as someone who flies unprepared far more than most, I’m in full support of it.

Also, the specific values you’ve suggested seem more balanced than some of the others I’ve seen suggested.


I got your idea and I fully support it.

I guess some medals also need additional weight based on how long the mission is. For example Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time — it’s easier when the mission is short, but >30 waves long is unlikely you don’t die once.


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