1 glitch and 3 ideas

the glitch:
any mission in every wave the sound is in the very right side is not displayed
the idea: new boss and new chicken and new raid:
the new chicken name is a lot moving chicken:
this chicken is disguised in any chicken shape
the boss is :
the new boss name is super a lot moving chicken
and disguised in any boss shape
*note: the power of the two new chickens is going out screen and return in a random way and they must be added to among us wave

the new raid idea : its like other games raid a lot of random players enter a super very hard level
they will be under galactic shop icon in the map
u must buy the raid license to enter its price is 150 keys
*note any squadron can enter with all its members


Could be because you’re using Stereo Panning, try turning it off in the settings

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That is probably due to stereo panning option in settings, Disable it and see if it solves the issue


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