Your favourite weapons

  • Neutron Gun
  • Utensils Poker
  • Corn Shotgun
  • Low-budget weapon (HG,BR,MR…)

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You’re miſſing an option: craſhing into the chickens one by one.


plasma rifle

Neutron Gun since CI3, but the overheat rate in CIU seems a fair bit high, so my new main is Utensil Poker.

No Vulcan Chaingun, no party!

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My favorite weapon is Poultry Payback :v


ion blaster because it was the first weapon i used

27 extra lives+3 mass condensers is my favorite weapon

0 fp lighting fryer

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Although it’s not that great when the 28th chick comes around…

What are you talking about? I don’t quite understand.

Make sure to vote at my atomic powerup drop orange boi

That you run out of lives to ram into chickens with. idk

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Well,you can always bring that OP 0 firepower lightning fryer with you for good measure.


Man, I need to try that out.

You’re missing mines, they’re the best

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