Your Favourite Missions

So lately I’ve been fumbling around with the mission favourites and I’m not really sure what to put there, quite frankly.

So I guess I’m just wondering what do you all use the favourites for? What sort of missions do you save there? Do you build up a great big list, or remove stuff that gets old? How many favourites do you have? Do you annotate them? Do you even use it at all?

And if you have any particularly good ones saved feel free to share those as well.


i like those comet chase missions even though it doesnt give you as many keys but its very enjoyable

I like the key rushes and the retro invader missions

Chicken Invasion because free food

well you can get food on any chicken related mission

but it’s more points than Squawk Block, Boss rushes or anything else
Supernova and Squawk Block and Comet Chases are boring because repeated waves

what about darkness missions

I have a bunch of them, here I go:

  1. Corrupt Romper: Possibly the most insane retro mission in the entire galaxy, 16 waves long and 99% difficulty. If you manage to get through that madness, you’ll get A LOT of keys,

  2. Vital Spangle: One of the best missions for farming keys, it’s not too long at under 6 minutes of average flight time, and you get a good deal of keys,

  3. Shocked Hotel: This one’s for relative beginners, it’s an easy mission which gives you a lot of food.

  4. Opulent Cockfight: The name alone makes this mission memorable, the fact that it’s a 14 wave long Comet Chase at 97% difficulty makes it even better.


wow someone who actually spent their time and listed all of these

Well, I guess I’ll say mine:

  • Offbeat Precipitator: A 100%-100% difficulty boss rush with 10 waves including an Egg Cannon and the Yolk-Star™(7 lasers)

Any boss rushes & comet chases.

I don’t put it in the favourite list.

I’m trying to get boss rushes with every boss on the first wave. The best one out of those might be Euphoric Database, which I mentioned earlier, as it still has two egg cannons in a row

I also save some other harder missions in my favorites


I rarely favorite missions, instead i put them in to-do-list because I’m not mentally prepared to fly those nightmarish missions.

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I’m going to show mine:
Double Rapier: A boss rush which has got 10 waves with 100% difficulty. It’s once of the hardest boss rushes out there. I think I’ve saw in this mission the new bosses.
Superficial Decalogue: Yet another boss rush. The same as above execpt that it is 8 waves but it has got the same difficulty.
Identical Wigeon: This boss rush isn’t that hard. it only has got 6 waves and 66% difficulty. It was challenging. As you can see I play most of the time boss rushes.


My entire to-do list is filled with key rush missions.

As for my favorites list, mainly high difficulty comet chase and meteor storm missions. Simply because they’re easy and still pretty decent for farming keys.


Just found this one, it’s brilliant


Meanwhile I found an almost perfect final boss rush. The first boss is the Yolk-Star, the second is the Egg Cannon and the last one is the Cannonade. If only it had four waves and ended with Hend Game, it would be perfect. Oh, and it’s on the max difficulty for all of them.

If you want to find it, it’s on Physcoa in the Iynx constellation.



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