Your Favorite Sh'mup (excluding Chicken Invaders)

image This one. Don’t know what it is? Look it up. I remember this being on a disc called “Space Arcade Collection by Egames.” There also are sequels of this game called Demonstar Secret Missions 1 and 2. Bobby Prince, the man who composed for DOOM 1 and 2, did the music and the sound effects for the first game of the series.


Sky Force 2014 & Reloaded for sure.

Raiden X. I used to play this game when I was 10 yrs old or sth. Even now I find it pretty hard. From what I have seen on wikipedia and youtube, it is quite similar to the Demonstar. Its huge plus is the fact that it’s a free flash game and can be played in internet browser. Besides, max powered pink gun in that game is the wildest and most insane beam I have ever seen to this day xd

Ooh I know that one too

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Well I will add: Thunderax 9k.

I played tomb raider games, when I was younger and I’m still playing them. Still trying to get my hands on the newest tomb raider game.

Darius Burst, Gradius, Touhou, Twinbee…

Definitely Warblade.

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Ooh, Demonstar! Have to redownload that again, thanks for the reminder!

What can I say except, you’re welcome. (Seriously had to quote Maui)

I downloaded it for myself, and is a really good Galaga clone

Why you came back Chris?
i thought you read at 1 month ago!

Oh man, wait until you get into the depths of it, of all the secrets and secret ranks. You won’t be getting up from your computer for hours!

well i don’t do that anyway so sounds cool

btw, my favorite is Prepelix, a Romanian rip-off of the popular German casual game Moorhuhn. Coincidentally, it also involves chickens.

Touhou 10 - Mountain of Faith

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