Yolk Star hitbox

Today I was fighting the Yolk Star, happily ſhooting away with my max firepower utenſil poker, when I had the misfortune to accidentally collect an unwanted gift. Not juſt any, you underſtand, but the plaſma rifle. Now that’s a white elephant if I’ve ever had one. Anywho, while I was working on cooking that egg in the moſt ineffective way poſſible, I made an intereſting diſcovery: the hitbox of the Yolk Star makes it ſo that you can’t hit it with a vertical ſhot anywhere near the ſides of the ſcreen. I juſt wanted to ask if this was by deſign, or juſt a ſlight iſſue. If the latter, I would ſuggeſt fixing the iſſue by ſimply removing the plaſma rifle from the game.

Anyway, the ſtory had a happy ending: I got my utenſil poker back.

The Egg Cannon have the same thing with weapons like the lighting fryer.


Complex problems require simples solutions… wait.

Fixed for v.14

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yeah I noticed it too…

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