Yolk-Star balance?

I don’t think it abuses it.

Yolk Star is the only boss that you have to practice on so yeah it’s clear that it’s far stronger than any boss in the game. Proper Wave/Boss balancing is very hard and I want to see how things goes with this much variance.

While I personally have nothing against hard bosses, even really hard bosses, they should be balanced as such.
I don’t see the ways behind throwing the hardest boss in the game in the first wave of a 50% difficulty bossrush. Or something like that.
“Frail Scriptwriter” has this boss as the first one, followed by 3 pushover bosses, and gladly gave me the ability to train it.
My favourite weapon carried me and I noe equip the energy aura consumable that kills beams and enemies to have easier quarters just because of this boss.
Imo he should be properly balanced according to difficulty or remain the big baddie, but appear much more rare and give much more rewards.
Bosses like the henterprise, the Egg city or whatnot give you so many keys and weapons/upgrades. And this one makes getting them almost impossible and you barely get anything. No meat aswell besides the 10 or so chickens.

Obviously, all the waves and bosses were more or less copypasted from other games, with tweaks, but their mechanics remained the same. And I just feel that a lot, but this boss particularly should be reworked according to the style of the game and the difficulty scaling of Universe.

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