Yeti Chicken

This chicken is the abominable snowman! Or rather, he’s dressed like him. Perhaps the chickens want to strike fear into their enemy’s hearts. Though they’ve probably done that already with the Yolk Star and their other machines.

I would imagine him appearing more often in frozen levels and less often in hot ones. After all, he wouldn’t exactly be out of place in a frozen level, now would he?

When he appears, he lets out a roar. Seems he wants to let his presence be known…much like Thundercluck.


Tosses snowballs at the player. He is the Abominable Snowman after all.

Tosses icicles in all directions. And yes, it’s similar to the Slob Chicken’s attack. But these are shaped differently.

At 50% health, he turns berserk and tosses bigger snowballs. He’ll also roar once again. He also tosses icicles faster as well. One had best watch out when that happens. Wouldn’t want to use up your extra lives, now would we?


Well,that’s was a Great Boss idea I guess,maybe add ice avalanche from above attacks would fit the yeti chicken attacks maybe.

Good idea, but I’m not sure how that would work.

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