Wormhole Waypoint

Welp, i’m back with another dumb idea, now it is a quality of life item. You can now buy a Wormhole Waypoint from Shop, Shady Trader or Aftermarket Station. When bought, there would be a button that appears when you are in space, pressing it with enable a Wormhole Waypoint with a shape of a device that can create small blackhole so you can enter it, after there would be a mini map that show us the whole universe, and you can select other Wormhole Waypoints so you can teleport to there immediately. This allows you don’t have to spend too much key on gas in order to go back where you have been already. The catch ? You cannot have more than 5 Wormhole Waypoints on the map at the same time, creating the 6th ones would force you to destroy 1 of the previous Wormhole Waypoints you have placed, and of course, if you only buy 1 Wormholr Waypoint, that would be useless. So what do you guys think ?



mini wormhole

But what about the price of each ‘‘Portal Waypoint’’?

i mean, it kinda depends on how far the gas price can reach and how rare a wormhole be. So i’d say like 400-500 keys

what do you exactly mean by other Portal waypoints? Do you mean the existing wormholes or the portal waypoints you made?

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Portal Waypoint you made

It sounds like a good idea but it’s still basically personal wormholes, as long as the main wormholes exist I don’t think a personalized one won’t matter because you can just find one and use it with less fuel to use


prob should rename it as Wormhole Waypoint to match the theme

If you have two, you can place one in a wormhole, and another where you are, them each time,you only nee one trip. Busted-

did u find another wormhole ??? pls help me

Use this. All wormholes locations except for specific coordinates someone else probably has one for it


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