World Record: 1000 messages in Chicken Invaders Universe


Robocat explored every Constellation!

A LOT of fuel has been used


You are crazy ;D


I’ve just bought and max upgraded Orbit Droid today. I’ll buy Warp Boost and Warp Drive later.


What orbit droid for? Faster landing? 5 seconds not so long on my opinion.


Faster landing and leaving an orbit.


Oh, so that’s his purpose.


I think you spent 2, 3 hours to do this, right ?


Damn you bump old topic again


He wants to know how long it was. Don’t think it is possible to ask a quession with “like” buton. It would be bump if he had wrote something like “I like it!”.


If you will watch video very very carefully 1:41, you can see: I wasted 1 hour 31 minutes with Full Upgrade


I wasn’t asking a question. I was saying that it’s better to like their post instead of bumping this dead topic.


Yeah,he was pointing out that the person who bumped the topic asked a question,and how the hell can they ask a question by liking a post?


I meant liking the first post of this topic without replying dead topics


But it’s not pointless bumping! It was to ask a question,not something you can do with a simple like…


Right, sorry…

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