Words that should be possible translate or have flags

some words in CIU is not possible to translate (if it is possible it has a flag)
so post the words that is not translatable

  • Early Access
  • recruit left game/is on-line/is flying/canceled/emerged viruses of/was defeated on/surrendered a mission
  • menu (in mission)
  • num.num (the dot) (for example in my language we call 3.1, 3/1)
  • music/background/skill names.

Do you have a word for “preview”?

I find that odd. Come on, you must have a word for “Cancel”, half the buttons on Windows say “cancel”.

No menus in your country? Then how do you order at restaurants? :wink:

If 3/1 means 3.1 in your language, then just edit the phrase for . and type in /

Music and background should be easy, because you’re not supposed to translate the episode names (just leave them in English).

Skill names are tough, but definitely doable. If you don’t know, just leave them empty and some other player will do them. Or, you can just use “very easy”, “easy”, “medium”, etc.


Each skill have its own icon so no need to translate

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