Why the Galactic Market needs to go

Alright. Real talk now. You can’t wave this problem away as unimportant in the way of WBP. Because seriously, this one thing in the game is hurting the game more than anything else, as I am about to explain below.

The amount of effort required to obtain rare stuff in terms of keys with current prices is simply beyond the scope of a normal player. This game is more geared towards the casual gamer audience, and forcing them to grind to get some higher level equipment is simply unacceptable. Further, when keys become purchasable, virtually anything would fall within the reach of the player, with no other requirement. Therefore, I suggest a second factor be added to obtaining things in-game: exploration. Certain things, if only available very rarely in regional stores, then their prices can be comfortably lowered but still requiring the same amount of effort, as, let us be completely honest, finding something as opposed to grinding the keys for it is much more exciting from a gameplay perspective.

But those are all my opinions. What do you think?

  • Keep essentials only in Galactic Market.
  • Remove Market completely.
  • Keep it as it is.

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Hm. I would make it so that essentials in the galactic store are MUCH MORE expensive too. Like, only buy them if you’re really that desperate.

This should discourage people from using galactic store too much.


Hm…a 1.5x increase in all current Galactic Market prices?

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Nah. 2x. If not, 3x.

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Eh, in my opinion prices can be increased, and there’s a very specific reason on why they have to, which is “Yes”

hmm…I thinked about this: if you’re orbiting a shop and entering galactic store, instead of using GcS prices, it uses that store prices Instead. Rarity too.


I would keep only Extra Life, Fuel, and some very basic Special Weapons and Perishables. there could also be an overall rarity factor independently for items, which makes them much more exciting to find.

A system like that would work, and a delivery droid could come out and give it to you or something. I mean, travelling to the stores every time I want to pick up something would be pretty annoying, imo.


It’s worth noting that the market alſo acts as a convenience for the caſual gamer- noöne wants to have to ſearch half the galaxy to buy a pack of amps. Alſo, fuel prices are another thing to conſider.

What rare ſtuff are you talking about?

Again, what higher-level equipment are you talking about?


idk, BX, Muller, just slightly overpriced, you know, totally within the reach of the ordinary player that they don’t have to grind.

Those are “common” stuff that you should be able to pick up from most stores.

Better ships, ship mountables, etc.

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Wait, here’s one.

As your tier goes up, the prices in galactic store get progressively more expensive.


Remember, if the game gets any significantly sized playerbase you can guarantee that the good locations for prices and rarity will make their way online pretty quickly.

Exploration will be easier post-EA.

Currently there’s no real benefit to higher tiers other than accessing new missions (and that’s irrelevant post tier-50 or so). It’s probably good to give people a reason to want to tier up as well if we’re also going to punish them for it, otherwise people will be trying to get low scores and avoid hitting the big leagues as long as possible.


Given that the tiers are eaſy to get, it’s entirely poſſible for a really bad player who only plays once a month to be on tier 99. I don’t think this’ll achieve the goal.


Better discounts at regional stores? About that I once had this idea about vouchers that decrease prices on certain things. I’m not sure if I ever published it, though. Maybe unlockable equipment?

What goal specifically are you talking about?

Oh and btw here’s that voucher idea.

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They better don’t. If they do I’d rather quit than compete with people who can amass thousands of keys with the beep of a debit card.

Full support.

Personally, I voted “Keep essentials only in Galactic Market”. To me such essentials are things we need for our spacecraft and for missions, like extra lives, missiles, maneuvering jets, bullet spray condensers (sometimes (albeit every 5 months) I use them).

Spacecraft, weapons and other equipment would fit Herowares much better, and we can have spacecraft equipment such as Gravity Nullifiers either in Aftermarkets or Academies. It would give them a purpose.


Which was why I suggested additional factors of restriction: tier and exploration.

Sure but I’d rather we have an entirely free-to-play game than a pay-to-win MMO, let’s not walk past the problem like that. If part of the weapon skins and other such cosmetics are purchasable with real money - full support, that’s how many games do it and it doesn’t affect the gameplay. Otherwise hell no.


Mh, keys don’t affect the competitive parts of gameplay, even if a crappy player gets the best ships and equipment to play a challenge, there is not much chance of him winning as the game discourages use of equipment and anyway a lot of the game is skill-dependent. Unless something changes and things do become dependent on keys, then I don’t mind them being purchaseable.

I do admit that a new player getting a bomber can be slightly unfair, but most things that buff damage like that usually have a level of skill to master.

Keys are not directly proportional to winning though. You can have tons of keys and still score atrociously because you are bad at the game, or vice-versa.

Unless we’re talking about Space Race.


I don’t know. Challenges allow the use of perishables and all that spicy stuff. One could easily get them with real money and annihilate everyone else, for example, on Space Races, and make it impossible for casual players to even reach the top 10.

Not to mention that simply buying everything right away completely destroys the fun and the sense of achievement.


Like skill, I believe that equipment should also be fixed for all players so that they’re on an even playing field.

Eh, it’s them spoiling the fun for themselves. Though we should do something about difficulty in CIU because it ranges from very hard to unfair, compared to previous games.

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