Why do I find the safe zone marks in the superstar hero skill?

Why do I find the safe zone marks in the superstar hero skill?

it has been change


ok thanks


I don’t like that,ssh skill need harder…this is bad idea

well i think its fair enough cause when the new wave come maybe zones will help us

zones does not affect difficulties

true its just…make the game easier but nvm,remove unmarked zone doesnt affect much to the skill

don’t affect*

It does?

yes(for newbie when they actually want the game harder)

That never was a difficulty, they don’t know and memorize all the current waves yet, and we don’t remember all of them

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understandable have a nice day

Skyscraper always killed me

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There are better ways to add difficulty than this kind of stuff.


You can practice new wave with rookie skill first
We don’t need show zones in ssh skill


Yes let’s play 20 missions with rookie just because of a few new waves that might not even end up appearing


you can try in the league, it shows the wave

Provided a new wave appears there and that I want to risk points just for a new wave.
Why not just…display zones everywhere?


That’s interesting how we’ve come here. First they were present, then they were hidden and now they’re back and we discuss about hiding them again.

From link above (including likes):

  • 3 voting neutral (with mentioning the possibility of getting unfair later)
  • 5 voting yes

Actually not all players who uses SSH skill are just “flexing” their professionalism in the game. Some players use that skill just to earn more keys and food since it has the highest key rate and of course they are not used to have zones unmarked