Why are there 2 loading bars

Whenever you login, there are 2 loading bars under the Logging in text. What does each bar load? And the top bar is always “loaded”.


The top loading bar is just for decoration

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Or the first is to show whether you are connected to the internet or not(if not the BAD HOST error will appear ) and the second is to show whether you are logged in or not:


that`s why the top *shows CONNECTING,
and the second *shows LOGGING IN.
( * = loading bar :upside_down_face:)

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No, the “Bad host” error will appear immediately

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@HoangGiang The first bar indicates the internet test to see if connected or not,
and the second is to show you are going to be logged in or not.
As you can see, two bars are filled, means you can login.
But, if the top bar is filled, while not the second bar, then you can’t login.


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