Who wants to play? (CIU Bingo)

The aim of this bingo is to complete at least 5 challenges listed in the panels. The first one to complete any vertical ,orizontal or diagonal row wins.
If you want to play, please like the post.
To keep track of the completed panels I suggest to download the image and circle the panels with paint or whatever.
Also the panel Almost overheat x3 means that you have to hear the bip sound of almost overheating in three different missions.
The game is gonna start in about 2 hours.
I trust that the participants will not cheat.:

I've done all of that before, but won't do it again on time.

Some slots are almost similar to each other though. And that one’s easy to obtain for veteran players.

Well there’s not much you can do without specific circumstances.

How do you know who does what?
I have recording software so I can just do a private livestream but others?

I’m gonna trust everyone.
I know it’s risky, but some of these cant be verified without recordings, soo.

Are we allowed to circle the ones we’ve already done?



Oh. So…do we ſtart playing now?

No ,wait like 1 hour and 1o minutes, we can rack up more people.

Right. Tell me when.

Alſo, what does 15 milliön points total mean?

Yeas, gonna post a loud GO! Or maybe I should message everybody?

Message all

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I need to add this rule: The less than 100 food mission doesn’t count if there’s no food to be had in the mission.

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Are we allowed to pick any miſſion?

Yes. you can

The fastest way to do that, imo:
Cross - play any short mission near a sun w/ 50% difficulty
Square - play any long hard mission
Circle - play a weekly challenge
1 - play any short mission using moron railgun
2 - play any short mission using the best weapon
3 - play any long mission using the best weapon
4 - play any short comet chase mission

Is “UP” supposed to be not using the up button/moving the ship upward or its just using any extra lives? Ofc, I’ve done the latter.

utensil poker

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Does “take all weapons in a miſſion” mean get all the preſents, or get all the weapons in CIU in one miſſion?

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All weapons that you see.

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