Who do you think is the most annoying boss?


i say “It gets cold in space”


The Yolk-Star™ and Apple Core with Egg-barriers.


Brothers reunited by far caused me the most problems… atleast on my Moron Railgun runs


Probably Yolk Star. Idk.


Do you use moron gun on them?
use utensil poker


It’s a challenge.






Mysterious ship. Because its so easy.


Annoying in what way?


in what way you want and think


These 4 guys:

(I’m the only one still waiting for that wave?)


Yes you are the only person waiting for it. Monster.


Yeah,you probably are. Most people stopped waiting since they’d have to wait an infinite amount of time


Still, it would be nice if they cranked up the difficulty on SSH…


I kinda wish that most of the bosses from 10.1 were kept. I liked almost every single one,tbh


The UCO ramming was pretty unfair though.


Yeah,that’s what I mean with “almost every single one”. UCOs were just way too much…


UCOs aren’t very hard but they annoy me for some reason. Maybe it’s because they’re a kind of boss that takes longer to defeat than it should. You don’t have much time to shoot between attacks and it becomes really annoying, especially on higher difficulties where UFOs have a lot of health.


The UCO’s was perfect with the slow and small eggs.