Which waves and bosses have the screen zoomed out and by what extent? And can IA edit the zoom level of waves and bosses?

I know for a fact that certain waves and bosses have the screen zoomed out but I need details on the waves with the zoomed out effect and the extent of that zoom.
I also need to know whether IA is willing to and/or the engine allows editing of zoom levels in those and other waves and bosses. Orandza and I are discussing about potential buffs to bosses and if the feature is indeed present, it can greatly shape our decisions for the buffs.

Zoom levels are freely configurable/editable. They can even change in the middle of a wave (as happens in the first Superchick boss wave in CI4)


Just out of curiosity, how many zoom levels are there. And what about Noob November or will it even be that?

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Waves are typically at 100%, but some at 125% or 150% (to fit in more enemies).

Bosses are typically 150% (e.g. Crab C, Brothers), 200% (e.g. Henterprise), or 300% (e.g. Egg Cannon).


That scratched my itch to know how many zoom levels existed in CIU. Thanks a lot!

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Is crab 2.0 also 150%? Also,when suggesting,are we allowed to suggest something else,like 120% zoom out or is that not possible?

Crab v2.0 is at 125%.

Zoom can take any value whatsoever. Theoretically, you can also zoom in (75%) or zoom waaay out (800%) but there are practical limitations (graphics will blur when zooming in, and you can only zoom so far out before you won’t be able to see your spacecraft)


So, the Egg Cannon is bigger than the Henterprice? Cool, didn’t know that.

Technically Henterprise is 2 times bigger.

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