Which wave do you hate the most?

There are quite a few waves through the games, out of all the waves in all the games, which one do you recall that you hated the most?

Honestly I was suprised by being reminded just now in a mission in CIU how much I hate the ‘Terminator Chickens’ wave, the wave from CI3 where chickens come from below.

(if iA’s reading this, don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually hate any of the waves or features or games, it’s just that this particular wave frustrates me a bit other than most, but I don’t hate anything about your games, they are awesome)

High Speed Chase feels boring and tedious.


You stole my words!

Chicken roulette with armored chicks gatling guns with egg barriers


Also chickanauts

I hate Armored Chicken

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Chink in the Armor, but I pretty much hate anything that has a lot of Chick Gatling Guns and Chickenauts


Wormhole on high difficulties.

Also, Chicken Rings with bubbles, it’s tedious aswell.


Agree, I usually use a superweapon to skip that wave (both in Universe and as far back as CI4)

Chicken geometry from CI3 suckXD

Spiral of Doom with that damn chickenauts

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Probably Look at all directions.

It’s the best on SSH.
You can farm here so many keys while you need to wait for bubbles to disappear.

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Chicken square dance from CI3 because i died alot of times on there when it was the game’s fault

Chicken Multiplicity boss

I really like Yolk star but… fighting it really put me in discomfort (6 lasers) or in a death (6-7 lasers) but only in phase 1… the yolk is really easy

Chicken Roulette w/ Gatling Guns chicks.

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