Which game company is better? Enkord or InterAction Studios


Look the coments. There have some of Space Invaders defenders who says CI is a joke.


I also see quite a few saying this will turn into a bad pay2win mobile game. And at first glance it definetly looks that way, but from the way IA studios have been honest with us and listening to our ideas, as well as the only purchases being ithe in-game free currency, I don’t think this will turn out horrible. Especially since there is no premium currency like “Galactic crystals” or something. The online elements are adding to the game, as opposed to detracting from it by microtransactions or something else. Squads, leaderboards, the galactic map and overall player interaction. This is also a win for consumers, as with just one purchase, or not even if being a guest, they get a stream of new content for the game they already like. That is, if IA doesn’t add paid content, but they are a good boi so probably not. The only bad that came from this huge change, is I think constant online connectivity, which in some cases can be a bummer and grinding. I have to say though, when people play often, they could probably get everything in a timely fashion, and not have to spend 2 years to get the best gear, only to realise the developers just added another 2 years of climbing.

Aaaaaaaaand I just went on a rant. Great. Thank you if you read my thoughts, though.




Obviously, IA. What is Enkord even?


I donno. I just play Enkord game(cause Enkord like 2002 game)


i love clash n slash its one of my most favorite childhood games


but you realize that it abandoned like for 3 year