Which game company is better? Enkord or InterAction Studios


I have a question, which game company is better?
InterAction Studios
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Meh, we all know Team17 are the best.


Of course IA is better. Also who is Enkord? Chicken Invaders is unbeaten masterpiece and the best arcade space shooter game.


Neither of those two, EA is the best for sure… you can’t spell steal without EA.


Best Indie game of all time, and Number 3 on my list.


Enkord is the older game company.They design space invaders and space race. They already stop making games anymore
Such as:
Jam Xm
Clash n Slash
Clash n Slash: World Away


You mean Clash N Slash?


Oh I know about Electronic Arts cause I play them(best graphics ever) but what about Wargaming.net and Gaijin Entertainment?


Never heard of it.


He mean Chicken Invaders.


Bethesda recently did a few things that miiiiight have angered some people


Why are you starting a WoT/WT discussion? xd
Well, anyway. Wargaming are extremely greedy. Way more so than Gaijin.

Yeah I know that War Thunder’s IS-7 situation (when players were selling the tank on the market for up to and over $1000) was kinda ridiculous, but still.
Recently Wargaming temporarily brought back the Pz. IV Hydro (which isn’t even all that good) and were selling it for $100. Like they do with the Pz. II J, the BT-SV and all the other rare tanks.

They keep adding heavy tanks without weakspots to encourage gold spam, they design new tech trees to encourage the use of Free XP (cough Polish tech tree cough cough 25TP), they add utterly overpowered premium tanks like the Object 252U or the IS-3A.

Do you remember what they pulled with the Mauerbrecher’s original description? If not, then have a read, you’ll prolly get a nice laugh out of it.

Then there’s the matchmaker black hole that keeps sucking tier VIII tanks into tier X matches.

Actually, I just went on their premuim shop, and noticed they’re selling The Seal Club Machine™ again:

When you look at it, World of Tanks has a lot more problems than War Thunder.
Frankly, Wargaming are fantastic at screwing people over. They know exactly how much they can do and still avoid major backlash.

Sure, Gaijin aren’t perfect, but they’re still less scummy than WG.


I know this is completely unrelated, but how many YouTube videos do you have open?


No, the one I’ve supported since I beat the Mother-Hen Ship.


I think “way too many” is an adequate answer.


If im not wrong they are 98 videos.


Ohh…I thought you say Clash N slash


I have None. Cause I’m not a Youtuber yet


I not saying those game. I am saying these game Star Conflict(Gaijin) and Master of Orion(Wargaming.net)


Sorry, I was talking to GgWw1175 becauſe his ſcreenſhot had a lot.