Where's the cheats !?

Look I know that’s the cheats may lose the studios money
But if you love us INTERACTIVE STUDIOS

Are you playing the Steam version? If you are, there’s no cheats.
If you’re playing the OC version, then there are cheats. (Use the F5 to F9 keys)


Okay, play with it in any ONLINE game and you will get VAC BAN

Because of topics like this they will not love you. Cheats were acceptable in singleplayer mode in CI2-5 but now the game is massive online so it’s not fair.


I mean you could cheat on your spacecraft by using the other one, if that counts.

Now, seriously, do you honestly expect allowed cheats in an MMO? There might be exceptions, but I’m talking about the vast majority. Or is this your first MMO? In any case, we don’t need confirmation from iA to be able to answer.

The answer is obviously no.


I know that this has been already suggested but I think it’s a very good idea. A “Playground” mode where you can use cheats but you don’t get points, keys or medals. I would like that the Debug Mode that appears in Chicken Invaders Wiki could be activated with a keyboard shortcut like in CI1 here.

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