Where Is Earth? Is Earth In The Game?

Where is earth located in CIU? Like where is the solar system…
i have searched it a very long time but still cant find it. is it in the game?

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No it isn’t. There’s no solar system here.


It isn’t in the game. It may be added later on.

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I think it’s one of the assets in the game. It just happened to be selected on viewing missions.

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In 120th Anniversary mission

Correct. Although in v.26 it’s no longer possible for Earth to appear.

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Why not? It feels satisfying to get the Earth there; what are the chances for it to appear?

Quite high – 12.5%

Ouch. How about keeping it but with a very low chance?


120?! Thats what I say history is!

Perhaps. Let’s see if there’s any demand first.


Do you mean: No more chicken invaders classic mission? :frowning:

I found someone still there!2019-08-07T07:00:00Z

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