When will we have option to login?

And can you save your progress into your account?

sorry for my bad english

After full release you will be able to buy the game for ~5 USD. You will link your account to your mail and will be able to recover it any time.

Right now there is no option for login and you need to save your profile ID manually. Your data is still on server but your login is in ProgramData\interaction studios\CIU. Save this if you want to use several PCs with the same account.

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I think it will be available after the game is released

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Really? Well that’s sucks cause I don’t have a credit card to buy the game even though I’m 17.

Likely you are going to be able to buy this game through steam, hence you can purchase the game by using Pay Safe Card or any gift-card really. Also mobile payment should work, although not entirely sure about that one.

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The game is free. The license isn’t. You’ll be able to play,but not with a few of the advantages the license will give you.

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