When the UHF was founded?

The title says it, I’m not asking the CIU’s first ever early access release date but the UHF one (to make fictions and stuff)


This is mostly a joke
While our beloved Authentic Hero was enjoying a tasty, greasy hamburger and crunchy chicken wings, they decided they would need help in case another invasion took place. So, without further ado, they founded The UHF - a union that would protect Earth and our home galaxy at all costs.

At first, our hero didn’t exactly know how to get said union going. His initial advertising methods were a little taboo - first, he walked up to a woman on the street, munching on yet another bucket of chicken nuggets and wings, and explained everything. Obviously, she thought they were crazy, and sprayed them with liquid nitrogen. That would be deadly, or at least really dangerous, for normal people, but we all know just how normal the hero is. They persevered.
Next, they tried to make flyers about it. Pretty much everyone who happened to stumble upon one ended up throwing it in the nearest trash can.

It was definitely not an easy task, but soon after, one man showed interest. The Hero took him on a quick trip to Space Burger and around our Solar System to show him the remains of the chickens’ structures.

Needless to say, millions of people joined the UHF gradually, and the billionth member joined in 2022.