What's Your Favorite CI Music Track?

The CI series is one of the best when it comes to music in my opinion, going for the quality of these tracks instead of their quantity (each game has around 10 tracks on average, including the special editions) consistently making good and memorable tracks. What’s your favorite?
Edit: Mines featherfields/supernova from Ultimate Omelette

CI4 Easter editions doesn’t have any easter themed songs

My favourite one is ci5 boss theme and other ci4 ones

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CI4 Xmas Theme And Normal

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When counting the themes I only counted the existing ones :slight_smile:

CI5 Music 1 / Boss Theme. I always use these songs.

CIU’s Darkness.


Okay I lied… There is one track I dislike… And it’s this one. Not because it’s bad or anything, just because I hate darkness levels…

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CI4 boss theme, especially this one


I like CI4 victory music

tbh for me CI4 first track. So much nostalgia. The entire CI4 OST is top-notch.

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CI2 main theme (original) and CI4 Game Over

CI2 main theme (original)
CI3 Victory Theme
CI3 Boss Theme
CI3 Theme
CI4 Theme 1
CI4 Theme 3
CI4 Retro
CI4 Theme
CI4 Villain
CI5 Theme
CI5 Villain
CIU Theme (intense)

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why hating on ci2 remaster

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Chicken Invaders 3 Soundtrack. Obviously. It’s so nostalgic imo
OK, Imma pull out a twist here but actually… I love the CI3 Xmas Ost.
Since CI3 Xmas was the first release of the game, that was the first encounter with its music and I was surprised to hear awesome Christmas tunes in remixed versions, sort of. It really gives me that Christmas Eve vibe for some reason, thus I adore it :slight_smile:


Ci 3 yolk star theme and ciu darkness theme.

I actually like every theme, but my favorite is the title theme of the CI5 Halloween Edition, CI5 boss theme, and few Christmas OSTs.

ci5 halloween theme sucks ass

track war

shamelessly rep up your favorite tracks in the series

last idiot still shouting wins

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