What you chose between

Plasma Rifle vs Poison Stream

Moron railgun at 0 firepower.

me too but, between plasma rifle and poison stream

Plasma Rifle have a large damage, but it heat very fast


Well, let’s consult the graph:

Plasma Rifle deals more damage on every power level except :zap:0, so I think the choice is obvious.

In fact, after the Vulcan Chaingun buff, Positron Stream has the lowest :zap:20 DPS of all weapons except for Moron Railgun.


where did you found that?

I made a spreadsheet on Google Drive, wrote down all the values and made a graph based on these values.

Come to think of it, it would be intresting to have an effect (Poison here) weapon that would deal over time procentile damage. Of course not to bosses.

If you fire it with automatic fire. With manual fire,it’s one of the weapons that overheat extremely slowly.


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