What was the most annoying wave(s)?


Tye most annoying waves was probably Comet Chase from chapter 5 of CI3hqdefault


Out of the CIU waves I would pick High Speed Chase (when you try to get a clean sweep) and maybe the Asteroid waves when they fall at an unpleasant angle.


Comet chase is the best thing in the whole series, with supernova from ci4


Especially this.


Pre-last boss in CI2(3 Big chickens). They spam eggs a lot and it isn’t easy to avoid them. And fast asteroids waves in CI3 when you can die without touching them.


By the way, have you guys seen that in the next update we will get Contacts (friend list) and Notifications? I’m hyped!


Aren’t notifications already a thing? Messages…


Well, I suppose their will be notifications for something else that isn’t planet exploring or Daily / Weekly Challenges…


Man I have been replaying the games recently, and I REALLY hate the figure waves from CI3. The ones that the chickens form shapes and fly around, most likely hitting you while spinning or going really low. And there is a ton of new ones that come when you kill the first ones!


Thoſe are my favourites!


Why no one talks about the variant with bubbles of chicken rings?
Is totally frustration!


It is my most loved one on SSH. While you wait for bubbles to disappear you can collect so many keys.


Nasty Suprise… I wouldn’t say annoying but it’s one of the hardest waves in my opinion.


I hate alien UFOs. We are trying ro save them damn it!


It’s chicken embryo. This would explain why are they trying to kill you.


Are they?!?


Nope. https://chickeninvaders.fandom.com/wiki/Alien


Too bad, that would explain a lot.