What the?

So you can see a wave full of armored chickens but the difficulty is not so high for that number of armored as you can see the difficulty is maybe 67
So the difficulty is not that high

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Note that that was the only spaceship after h&c 202 in the beta

Using SSH even on a low difficulty mission can spawn difficult enemies.

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still possible. wave enemies are generated randomly (I guess so?)

They are generated randomly, but still it has a limit. Easier waves don’t spawn hard enemies (unless you add a skill like Virtuoso or SSH)

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Here’s the deal with mission difficulty.
You’re playing on a max difficulty ramp-up of 81%, where Armored Chickens can spawn.
Now, these chickens will NOT have as much health as armored chickens on higher difficulties, and their projectiles do not travel as fast. You can take them out even with just a :zap:8 Moron Railgun if you tried.

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