What is the Best Offensive/Defensive Special Weapon?

Just curious what special weapons you guys commonly use

When it comes to Defensive mine is the Dimension Hopper

While in Offensive I just use the Missile or Mines since they are the same price

Also do Defensive Special weapons violate the “No Special Weapons” Policy in Space Races?

All special weapons count.

I just use Damage Amplifiers most of the time.

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Idk how the amplifier works…

Does it Add Firepower Charges Temporarily

or just increase the dps of Current Firepower

It triples your damage output for 10 seconds.

But doesn’t increase your Firepower charge? or whatever it is called

Power level. Firepower. Whatever.
No, it doesn’t change it. That would be OP on top of this.

I use Dimensional Phase Outs, and a lot of them too since i bought slots for them, kinda good if you’re trapped or you’re in a bullet heavy wave

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