What If? questions

I created this topic for the kind of people who are curious can ask questions here.
Hem… let me start:
Q:What if we mounted all of our mission slots with mass condenser and slam at the Henterprise at light speed(I mean Warp 9) with 100% difficulty with SSH?

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A: The Henterprise would be heavily damaged but not killed, since the maximum limit for MC is 3. Also Warp 9 is for inter-system travel.

Q: What if EA acquired IA?

A: Universe will explode

Q: what if CIU release today?

A: IA will get a lot of $$$
(It depends though)

Q: What if IA somehow find and hire 100 decent guys to work with him?

A: CIU will release faster, better updates

Q:What if somehow the mother-hen ship shoot ions at the speed of light?

A: You will die

Q: What if the Island Wars plane was added as a type of spacecraft


A: It will be cool

God no. We’d have to pay for our mouse sensitivity let alone the game. Please no.

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Q:What if Chicken Invaders actually gave respect to Albert Einstein?

A: You’d have to be a physics professor to change planets.

Q:What if a 5th player joins the game?

A: Universe will explode x2

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Q:What if Travis get suspended for no reason?


A:what if travis make more good content?

B:What if Slob Chicken and chickenaut do a son?

A:it will be a moderator.

B:there is no son.