What happens when you sell your heat shield whille orbiting a hot planet?

This is what happens

Umm i don’t see anything different

Ok the question is: Why would you sell it in this situation?

the thing is the ship didn’t burn


Yeah but this was discussed before about the fact that you can sell it in this case. Link

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but they didn’t sell it

Just saying it was discussed before, Nothing else.

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Basically, nothing happens


I would like to see that if you play those types of missions are the shield, strange things happen, for example in hot planets the weapon overheats faster because it does not carry the shield or solar storms appear that you must dodge since if you touch it they kill you and in missions with electric planets spawn rays that can kill you (those rays would be like those that appear on the CI5 snow planet), although that can happen in very difficult missions as something to dodge extra to complicate things thanks to the environment, but I guess that can’t be done inside CIU


Not having a heat shield while docked to a hot planet is such a rare occurrence that it’s not worth special-casing code for it.


But could they add about the overheating or the rays on the electric planets to complicate things in missions?

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That’s easy enough – it will be probably added soon. I’m pretty sure if has been suggested in the past, if someone wants to claim the medal for it.

Interesting idea. I’ll need to think about how exactly it would work (e.g., in cases where a lightning strike appears while the camera is zooming out), but I’ve added it to the list. Soon.


Thanks for the reply :smiley:

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Yeah it was suggested few times. How hard would it be to add others?

Hot. Your weapon overheats much faster
Electric. There are random lightnings in every level
Massive. You move slower because of bigger gravity
Second bunch of my ideas

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Maybe if it was handeled a bit like the lightning from CI5’s “Eta Astropelacae” mission, but randomized. So occasionally, a warning line would flow vertically on the screen, followed by a bolt.
Perhaps in some special circumstances it would have to be disabled, but I think as long as it has a relatively slow timer it shouldn’t cause many issues.

Or, the new “anomaly zones” have some random spawns, and move around the screen. :wink:


So that means in frozen wastelands weapons overheat slower?

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Maybe, but i think that will make the things easy than another missions

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Is there something inherently wrong with an environment that helps the player in some way?

Plus, we’ve got two weapons (Boron & Vulcan) who often like to be heated up fast, so it’s not all sunshine and roses.

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