What Equipment Loadout to use?

Hello old returning player here with a new gamestate (since my previous one got deleted for inactivity and the License didnt exist at the time).

Im wondering if the base loadout is ok to max out and what should I do after Maxing out my Main Weapon (Utensil Poker)? Should I save for a new ship or get better Loadouts (Engines, Heat Sinks etc.)? And if Loadouts, which one should I priotize first?


Try to get the best equipmemt ASAP. There’s no step by step anymore. Also, utensil got nerfed, I recommend using another weapon instead of relying on forks.

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Hmmm How about the Lightning Forker then? (Ill prolly still max out the forks since i enjoy using them same with the Lightning)

or is there a new overall weapon? (I heard the absolver is a thing)

all weapons have been overhauled and it’s better.

And manual fire has been removed (if you know that). It was replaces with overdrive system (double firerate, double faster overheat)

I recommend you either use positron stream or plasma rifle

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Oh I see, and yes I am aware of overdrive… Alright I’ll keep the forks for now then, then purchase a diff weapon and maybe upgrade my loadouts before getting the secindary main weapon

I was in the same position as you a few months ago. I came back to this game after a year+ and suddenly the never-overheating Utensil Poker got nerfed.

I agree with @ScarletCuboids, use positron stream or plasma rifle as your starting weapon(s). Both weapons are the best in the game.

The Absolver is an interesting case. It’s the only main weapon to destroy enemy projectiles/fire but it’s not a dps weapon. I recommend to use it on missions where you know the Henpire will congregate in a small spot in many waves. Certain bubble waves such as Bubble Bath come to mind.

Last point, once you play on Virtuso or Super Star Hero, the Safe, Danger and Anomaly (areas where your spaceship will turn in a different direction) Zones will not appear in the waves. I’ve learned that the hard way…


Heat Sinks first, unless you’re going for Galaxy Exploration, in which case Engines. It can be worth looking for the rare ones.

Don’t bother with reactors until you literally can’t afford the power cost of your next bit of equipment.

Ships can fit in wherever - that’s personal preference as to how much you prioritize them. I’d actually also recommend considering certain weapons like Vulcan Chaingun and Ion Blaster that are extra-effective for specific mission types (like Comet Chase and Supernova respectively).

After you’ve got your “Dream Ship” I’d focus on Extra Slots (and a Laser Pointer, depending on your weapon of choice). Satellites can usually wait until much later because they’re easy to find in-mission anyway and you won’t be using them all the time regardless.

Pick it up in a mission or two and see how you feel about it. Some people (me) love it, others think it’s atrocious. It’s a very different play experience.

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Welp I made an oopsie and bought a Heat sink that is way too heavy for my ship (The most expensive one) (Cubic Boron Arenside)

lol I made that mistake too. It made me grind keys to get the Muller M408 Cuisinier so I could use that heat sink. I chose that ship because of nostalgia of the Authentic Hero’s ship design

sorry but the hero’s ship is Muller M404-PI Deliverer

Muller M404-PI Deliverer


Though to clarify what I meant in my OP, the two ships look the same, design-wise. The major difference is the twin engines on the Cuisinier unlike the Deliverer. Regardless, I would have bought one or the other for nostalgia

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