What are your favorite flash games?


I wanted to know, what are your favorite flash games that you used to play when you were younger?

The reason I’m asking this is because Adobe, the company that owns Flash, will stop supporting it by 2020, which means that it will become a vulnarbility in browsers (due to the fact that it won’t get security patches), and by 2021 most browsers will simply just not support it, Which means that all games and animations will simply not work in a browser, and even if you download them, many of them require specifically the browser to work without breaking apart.

I just wanted to raise attention to that fact.
You should play those games in my opinion, before they are (almost) gone.


I forgot to mention: someone named “bluemaxima”, and some other people, are working on a Flash archive named “Flashpoint” which you can download from Here.
You should know that the package with all of the games is 70+ GB! If you still want to download that beast, extract it using 7zip! not winrar!
(In winrar it dosen’t extract some files, and it took me 3 tries, and ~9 hours to understand that :expressionless:)


70GB? That thing will destroy my internet completely…
Anyways,uh,some of my favorite flash games are bomb it(seven of them) and cursed treasure (both 1 and 2)


My favourite flash games are Spewer (btw are you active on Newgrounds to see that?).


Heart Star, and also The World’s Hardest Maze


mario ones especially sm63, sonic ones especially ultimate flash sonic or whats its name, shopping cart hero,physics puzzle games especially bloons series, red remover, super stackerm dummy never fails
small things like this
flash games were all i had when i was like 5 im very thankful for them
so sad to hear them being shut down


Scary Maze and Age Of War


yup, scary maze was one heck of a game


ci3 flash


Okay…between those I have: Super Mario Bros. Crossover, the Learn to Fly series, Tetris Friends, and Club Penguin and its tons of CPPSs (private servers).

Yes, I have also played those Chicken Invaders flash games.


Do you have Learn to Fly 3 on Steam? I have.


Once, uninstalled it because it was buggy for me.


Did you have Disable All Filters on? (This is what causes the game to be buggy)


Nah, can’t really remember.


I download it (took ~20 hours), than extracted it using winrar (~2.5 hours) just to find out it didn’t work, so in rage I removed the rar file, tried again (it took ~20 hours again), I didn’t learn from my mistake and I extracted it with winrar again (again, took ~2.5 hours), it didn’t work (obviously), so I looked in the readme file and it said in the bottom to use 7zip, so I used 7zip (~2.5 hours) and finally, it worked. It took me ~47.5 hours in total (or almost 2 days) to get flashpoint to work.
I think that we all can learn from my mistake that you should read any readme files that you get with something until the end.


Go figure.


If I didn’t do that than probably many others don’t do that too…


Yes,I get that…


Samorost 1 and 2 are my favourites (and this thing)

Tanki Online before deleting “Moon silence” was good too, but they wanted to make money more than game.


If you can download the swf file then you can convert it to exe and not use any browser anymore with swf to exe http://swftools.sourceforge.net/swf-to-exe.html