What are the most loved games to play after chicken invaders

Most loved games after chicken invaders
I love playing angry birds, Jurassic World alive mine craft and plants vs zombies 2

Jurassic World alive
I love watching new movies like Star Wars, Godzilla and Jurassic World
This game is very wonderful you can collect a lot of dinosaurs in the game and you can fight them online against friends or any other opponent and dinosaurs in the game looks like real because the models of dinosaurs were made professionally
The game is also similar to Pokemon go where you have to walk through the streets of the city to search for dinosaurs if they are far from you

mine craft
I think most people know mine craft
Minecraft is an open world game that you can build anything you want and breed animals and explore the worlds and mine craft have a great fame

Angry Birds
I also think most people know Angry Birds
It is a slingshot that shoots birds at pigs to avenge them
I’ve tried some angry birds such as Rio, classic, seasons, space, bad piggies, angry birds 2 and blast

Plants vs zombies 2
One of the most famous games for plants vs zombies, which got more than 100 million download
This game uses lots of plants to defend your home against zombies

I also like games like feeding frenzy
I also love playing piggly and island wars from interaction studious
These are the games I love and I explained if there is anyone who wants to download them I love these games but I am the most game I love and the first game I knew is chicken invaders
And you tell us what games you like most

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Need for Speed 3, although it is older than most people in here.

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same with me. But I don’t play dinosour world

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I like play MINECRAFT

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Disagree with Angry birds.
Developers totally dropped making games in the formula “destroy fortification launching weird birds with a slingshot” that made success and moving to making only p2w spinoffs. See Angry birds Go or Angry birds evolution: You can’t do anithyng if you don’t pay! The last spinoff not p2w is the first: bad pigges.

Try the “Bloons tower defense” series (6 games and some spinoffs + a pvp tower defense game)


Would also certainly recommend Plants Vs. Zombies 1.



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I would reccomend everything Popcap before the 2010s. Bejeweled, Zuma, and the like. After EA bought them their games are just P2W trash, mostly.
Also Blitwise games: DX-Ball series, Pocket Tanks and Neon Wars, with the deluxe version available for a decent price, but the shareware version isn’t bad either.


Hey I know Pocket Tanks! I have it on my laptop. Care to have an online match a few hours from now?

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I didn’t think of BTD because didn’t think we were counting flash games too, but yeah, that’s hell of a tower defense.

Dream Car Racing is also a stupendus game.

Um,not all BTD games are flash-only…

Well I’m completely out of the mobile scene (no smartphone user), which is the only place I could guess that they get rid of Flash.

Not really.

Lot of flash games are on steam using Adobe AIR though, Clicker Heroes is the first example I can think of.

BTD6 doesn’t even have a flash version,as far as I’m aware.

The game probably is flash, but yeah, you’re right, it isn’t accessible from website anymore. Good to know. ^^

It isn’t flash, it’s a 3D game!


post withdrawn

I play PvZ(1,2 and Heroes),My Singing Monsters,Minecraft and BTD Battles(Username threre is The Dangerous).

did you just post a pirating game site