What after rank 99?

I finally experience reaching tier 99. It felt good but it was short-lived. It felt good seeing the medal awarded. I do not know how much you all would agree with me as I know not how much had this experience. One thing I looked forward to ranking up is keys.Keys obtained after ranking up was very useful but that is no longer the case.
Now, I was thinking of a way to fill in this void. I think increasing the tier would be great, I think simply just having a set score to reach then getting a constant key award.Say every 10 billion point (I need a better estimate) here, you are awarded 250 keys. This process repeats indefinately, thus giving an incentive to getting higher score outside challenges.
Discuss it and see if you can add improvements or like the idea. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


10 billion points might be way too many. But I don’t know what to suggest myself.


Good idea :+1:


Every 100 million points might be better. The distance between tier 98 and 99 is slightly less than 100 million, so requiring a bit more should be good.


It has been suggested though.

And having the same amount also… quoting from GuestUniverse:

No, from tier 98 to 99 is not even 100 million points away. You are probably mistaken with the total points. Probably it should be 250 keys per 100 million points after tier 99.

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Must have missed it. I was thinking about it after I reach rank 99 and I did not know it was suggested before. Thank you Fractorial.

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