Welcom to the show me of trying to make god mad using only scratch sprite creator

episode 1
isabelle chicken
isabelle chicken

god is not care yet but the next episode will make him kill me
episode 2
rowan atkinson (mr bean/blackadder/ jonhny english) kirby
i made yesterday but i still think that is very cursed and derserve more
episode 3
homer simpson sans ufo chickne
sans as the UFO chick
woah sans you got eyes infection
episode 4
shrek blast
shrek is ready for his ultimate attack

episode 5
vince gabriel aquio wong


Why? You can stop creating topics.

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i trying to see how long i will survive doing this

i will only use this topic to do the thing , sorry man

you are a threat to this society

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unless god himself tryna stop me , there nothing you an do

Me when see the images:


Use corona that will help

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It look like you

uno reverse card

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You’re humiliating Travis
You’re gonna have a flag time

come on i’ve been flagged the third time this week now

It’s not Travis.
It’s a Deep OOF boy.

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travis scott , is that you ?

Can you stop this?

What is this? A nose man?

nose man