Weekly Challenge, other Questions and Suggestions

I think that all players ſhould diſplay, not juſt the ones near you.

There ſhould alſo be a ſetting for this in the view options (maybe as a checkbox ſo you can ſelect it as well as ſomething elſe) ſo you can turn it off and not ſee all the dots, and your ſelections in the view options ſhould be ſaved in my opinion.


I also think that most perishables are too expensive and therefore not worth buying. 99 keys for 9 missiles is quite expensive and translates to about 400 food per missile. It should be something like 30 keys per 10 missiles so it is more worth to use them, especially in hard missions that i can (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) play soon (missions that you cant beat first try, even with multiple lives). Regarding lives, and i think I’ve said that earlier already, maybe letting the player start with a minimum of 3 instead of 1 live would be better? Right now you have to fully rely on extra lives.

I don’t think ſo on the lives, becauſe ſometime I want to have nothing to loſe.

Next suggestion: give stages random names, like missions.

When you enter a new stage, instead of saying wave x of y, it says something like

Stage 2
[generated name]

like it worked with the capter names in previous episodes

Also, @InterAction_studios, what is that “lucrative boost”?

Currently, you only see players within a certain radius from you. This was done to conserve bandwidth (apart from position, we also need to transfer flagship appearance and movement). We haven’t looked at our bandwidth usage closely yet, but if we can increase this range without going bankrupt, we will :slight_smile:

Currently, “lucrativity” of a mission depends on its planet. Planets that are harder to get to (e.g. because they have electic storms, or are hot) receive a boost. Lucrativity only affects score, not keys (this is intentional)

Good to know! Have you thought about price balancing of perishables? Or do you think those prices are in balance? Because as of now, I dont see any reason to buy anything except extra lives as buying missiles and other perishables make the grind for a new spaceship much longer…



I think that the unoriginality penalty should only apply if you complete a mission sucessfully or surrender close to the end, but never if you get a game over. Also, maybe it could decay faster if you play other missions inbetween?


I also have a suggestion for a new item to equip (not perishable -> like hud meters)

It’s an item that raises your minimum firepower level by 1, think of white knight. It does not synergize with equipped weapon upgrades. You can equip 5 (?) max. One item should be between 300-500 keys.


I vote no, becauſe the white knight gives a huge advantage to thoſe who’ve been around longer (i.e. gotten more upgrades). I think if we wanted ſomething like that, it would have to either 1) be a fairly expenſive periſhable or 2) come with a huge downſide, like loſing a couple keys produced ſo far in the miſſion at every death (which with the end-game ſcoring will have a multiplied effect) or maybe occupying a ſatellite dock with the apparatus that does this, or maybe an increaſed overheat rate.

@Traveller I think it’s not wrong to get strong over time, that will work out nicely with hard missions.

@InterAction_studios I also think that on harder missions, more food should be dropped. Also, will you bring clupea harengus back in a way (the red fish from CI3)?

Lol,I absolutely disagree. It barely gives an advantage,at all. If you’ve been around for a long time,perhaps you shouldn’t even drop down to that firepower level often enough to make it worth it. even if you do,it’s not like trying to continue playing with 5 firepower is worth it. It’s better to surrender and restart the whole mission,especially if you play with high skill levels. 300-500 keys is already a rip-off,and those disadvantages only make it worse. If you’ve really been around for longer,why not just upgrade your weapon 8 times,instead? Sounds way more worth it,to me,and,again,if you really drop down to 5 firepower,you might as well just restart the mission.
Guys,white knight was useful in ci5 because it would let you start at 5 firepower,but in this game,you can already do that just by upgrading a weapon. Its ability to not let you go below 5 firepower is only useful for new players who die a lot.

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Then you could synergize it so you can start at fp13?

That would be better. As long as it’s not overpriced. But would that also prevent you from getting below 13? If not,I mean,they could simply increase the upgrades limit,lol

I would always prefer to continue fighting as beſt I can even if I drop down to 0.

However, here

you definitely have a good point.

It’s a waste of time,IMO. Enemies just take even more shots to take down. Why not just retry the mission,you might end up with like 15 firepower in the same mission in which you had 0 firepower last time. Oh well. Whether or not you want to waste time is your choice ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

@InterAction_studios, I have a question:

Why did you change the coin graphics in CI4?

They looked like that in CI3 (taken from the wiki):

for me its easier to distinguish them because they have clear colors

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The colors were changed because the silver coin was easily mistaken for an egg. The only white projectiles in the game are things that kill you.

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What if you just changed the color of the star on the coin? Sometimes it’s a bit hard to distinguish 1000 from 10000 point coins

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Ill continue using this thread for posting smaller stuff so I don’t need to create a new thread everytime.

@InterAction_studios, some things came into my mind

  • Maybe Vulcan could deal more damage when the spread is higher?
  • Weapons could be balanced this way: fast overheat -> more damage, less precision -> more damage. Due to this, the lighting fryer would be one of the weakest weapons because it has a near 100% chance to hit anything, that doesnt apply to ion and forks, for example, so they deal more damage. If the best weapon has 10k dps, the worst weapon shouldnt have less than 7k - 7.5k dps, so they’re a bit more balanced.
  • Was the Vulcan the only weapon with a rework, or will other weapons get one too? Will we, at some point, be able to use legacy wepons like
    –old neutron
    –green ion
    –yellow ion
    –ion from CI2 (sligtly different)
    –CI2 laser
  • Right now, I have a feeling that mission difficulty scales enemy hp too much. I only play easy missions on SSH right now because my kill rate is really acceptable there (close to 100%). If i get many mini bosses on a wave in a difficult mission, they have so much health that i an only kill like 10%.
    – I think that mission difficulty should focus less on enemy health, but a bit more on mission difficulty, enemy fire rate etc.
    – skill levels shouldnt affect player damage at all (maybe tourist can make the player deal more damage, but less damage isn’t “fun”)
    -> this encourages a better type of gameplay. Instead of dodging the same enemies for 1 minute straight and barely seeing anything die, you have action packed bullet-hell like gameplay, which is challenging and hard, but still fells like a blast. If you’d like more “chilled” missions you can play the easy ones with rookie/tourist.