Weapon Virtuosity and its main problems and changing ( prediction?)

I’m quite busy in these days with studying.
Anyways, I will remind you about the Virtuosity nowadays:

  • Already said before about how Virtuosity works ( Not gonna mention again ), It just some people are abusing it to gain some advantages ( get better points )
    But this can only be effective with some people who are good at getting high base score
    :warning: If your performance is bad, surely you will get a low Base Score, and Virtuosity can’t even help you.
  • Note that when you start getting high Virtuosity, Excel isn’t the only thing to help you, the best solution is just grab your paper or anything that could be written stuffs on it. Everything can be helpful for you to get a high Virt.

iA and me have thought about this for a long time, and his final decision seems unexpected to me:
It’s not gonna removed, just there will be a way to change its mechanic.
Until now, i spent a few days and can’t really think about how to prevent people abusing it, how to make it balanced so people can stop go AFK.
A rule with it ( I guess ):

  • Should be balanced, and not gonna create a big advantage between people who just play the whole Mission and the people who go AFK for more than an hour.

It’s hard to think about the changes of Virtuosity now. So i will let iA give a few more attempts of thinking and decide a way to change this.
That’s all, you can help me about thinking a new way for Weapon Virtuosity as you wish.
See ya later~
I retired until December

I think you should make minus score for timing penalty

Gonna added this:
Space Race is the only one that Virtuosity never matters, it’s about Time.
and yea i prefer just throwing it away from Comps :confused: (till now and still it is)

Isn’t it, like, the whole point of it?

And that’s the biggest problem with it: you can just purchase a lot of extra equipment to win quicker. It’s a competition about how much keys you are ready to waste.

No. Just a few one.

Perishables Abusing

My idea for implementing a bonus for how many distinct weapons you used during a mission would be:

  1. Gaining +0.1% special bonus called “Weapon Versatility” that stacks everytime with each gift you have collected during mission and sum the total bonus at the end panel. Adding an appropiate description when clicked at the results panel.
  • could be any gift in any order, color wont matter but how many of them.

  • only referring to gifts and not atoms

  • only in COMPETITIVE / SOLO missions, im aware that you can farm gifts on normal missions
    Let’s say you fly galactic knockout round and you collect 34 gifts, resulting a weapon bonus of 3.4%

     This would encourage some players to gain the maximum advantage over others if one decides to risk no matter what comes next (e.g risk to pick an unsuitable gift on hard chicken waves /quick fleeting enemies / picking absolver on Asteroids/ Treasure etc)
  1. Scrap my general idea and leave weapon virtuosity as it is right now BUT, add some type of new time penalty if you decide to stick around in normal waves for too long (stationary enemies waiting to be cleared ,excluding bosses). Let’s say if you stay in one wave more than 3mins you get -1% weapon virtuosity, and the penalty will double and so on if you decide to afk again.

  2. Or another subtle penalty, out of total 14 weapons (14% max theoretical virtuosity or 15% with moron im not sure?) staying in one wave with a particular weapon for 3mins will cancel the bonus for it completely making it 1% less. Probably sounds exactly the same with no.2 above idk…

  3. Throwing out some extra statistics if that matters anyway, at the end maybe add 2 grid lines with Gifts and Atoms collected (between Mission stats/Foods stats)

Right now i still stick with Disabling it from Competitive Missions. Then the virtuosity boosting issues will be solved.
No need to remove

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